Technical Aspencts of Knitting Socks

MAHYAR Co:Socks,gloves,UnderwearTechnical aspect of socks fabricating, forming , and type is done as per the design set which is installed on the machines .

Processes of fabrication  and production of socks :
 Thread – The first phase of sock production which prevent from losing the threads of sock and plays an importaMAHYAR Co:Socks,gloves,Underwearnt role in initial formation of sock . Knitting : As per the setup and the size of sock , which is loosen and tighten Meshing the leg : It has its own grading , the imprint is done at this phase too.
Meshing of heel : It  the most important phase . In this part , the machine in a regular  and programmed round trip does this job by the pulling and laying needles . This parts is of special importance because tuning the machine at this phase leads to strength and durability of  sock heel.

 Meshing of sock toe : The final phase of sock fabrication which is similar to heel meshing except that at the end of meshing , the job of toeing is done .
After meshing, tMAHYAR Co:Socks,gloves,Underwearhe phase of swimming is started which includes , zigzag , toeing , and underneath-swimming .
 The method of swimming the sock at this company , like other producers in the world , is done by toeing for comfort of foot.
Coloring , is done after swimming , which leads to durability and quality of the color .
Ironing , finishing, and finally packaging are the ending phases of sock manufacturing.