Variety Products

 Today the people like variety in size and color of goods specially cloths for this purpose you can see variety in size; Sock 'coloring' can come in a wide range of colors which certainly meet the need and taste of our customers. Our products are divided into two category in in point of view of the materials : cotton socks- free size cocks .The products of this company include : kids and baby socks, girls , boys( in three sizes ) , women anklet , hoses , footie socks ,knee hight , ,men socks , gloves in three sizes and in different design and colors which are available for our customers. This company exports its products to some neighboring countries including U.A.E., Saudi Arabian , etc. which has resulted in increasing honor and pridein this field of cloth . Observing the health and hygiene principles is one of the important aspect of our product in this filed which we consider for comfort and health of the feet .

 MAHYAR Co:Socks,gloves,Underwear