Mahyar garment export production company in 1366 with the production of socks, step into the production. Over the years, through the multiple challenges, day after day added to their output and their products as well as socks, gloves and half-extended. The company is the first manufacturer of socks antibacterial technology that uses silver nanoparticles with antibacterial and anti-odor socks to produce has.

Mahyar your company product line and won accordance with international standards ISO10002, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO9001 and ISO10668 company has SWISSCERT Switzerland. Mahyar also antibacterial socks, sufficient authorization from headquarters presidential Nunavut (office technology to the market) and verification of the Pasteur Institute, University of Tehran, martyr Beheshti University, etc. IGI Laboratories has received. It is noteworthy that Mahyar socks are the first manufacturer to receive approval from the Ministry of Health is.

Mahyar company in compliance with standard conditions and the precision and control, our products are marketed under the brand A.H.A. The company produces for the benefit of technology and advanced machinery, the use of skilled manpower, using the highest quality materials and stylish Trynn packaging in accordance with the design world, has been able to provide the domestic market, its products are alignment with the largest manufacturers of socks, to neighboring markets in the Persian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq and supply, and the first exporter of garments in the province of Zanjan.

M socks honor with a history of several decades has managed to produce the first letter in his socks industry .